Keep it Trashy | Relationship Advice


Keep your relationship alive, even if it means wearing a trash bag in the nude……

Our conversation went something like this:

“ I love it. “

“ You’d say that even if I was wearing a trash bag…… “

“ TRY ME. “

Far to often we let relationships become routine. We do the same things each day. We say the same things each day.

“You look nice.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too.”
“Have a good day.”
“I miss you.”
“How was your day?”
” Good. Yours?”

It is easy to get lost in routine. After all routine keeps things in order. When life is busy and hectic. We look for order.

I ran to the kitchen, in the buff, grabbed a trash bag from under the sink. Made a hole for my neck, and two arm holes, and threw it over my head, and snapped some of the “trashiest” nudes he’d ever seen.

My intention wasn’t to turn him on, although I wore that trash bag damn good, if I do say so myself…

My intention was to catch him off guard, make him smile, throw us out of normal conversation.

His next words were, “ You are perfect. “ While laughing with tears running down his face.

Which in turn lead to returned compliments, talking about how crazy we are about each other, planning a date night, and many laughs.

Now am I saying you need to run through your house naked with a trash bag over your head, no……. I just saw my opportunity and took it.

I am saying jump out of your routine, do something to make them laugh, give them an extra compliment, let them hear something they haven’t heard you say in a long time, dance in the kitchen, plan a date night, bring home flowers for no reason, fix his favorite meal, go have sex on your roof…..okay don’t do that if you have neighbors…..but you get my point.

Don’t fall into routine, keep your relationship alive, even if you have to send nudes in a trash bag.

Keep it trashy….

-Jamie Lea