Tell her thank you…. | Single Moms

If you were raised by a single momma, go give her a hug, or call her up and tell her thank you. Because you probably don’t realize how many sacrifices she made to get you where you are.

You probably don’t realize how many times she stayed up until 2 AM figuring and re-figuring bills. Trying to decide how to make ends meet that week.

How many times she cried in the shower because she couldn’t buy you those new shoes you wanted.

How many months she wore those leggings with a run in them because making sure you got new fall clothes was more important.

How many 12 and 14 hour days she pulled to make sure you had a home cooked meal that week.

How many times she tucked you in and said sorry, because she had to tell you no, you didn’t have the money that day.

How many times a bill collector called because she had to pick one bill over the other that week.

How many times she put a smile on when you walked in the door despite how physically and mentally exhausted she was.

How many home repairs and car repairs she learned to do on her own because paying someone wasn’t an option.

How many times she turned down help because she wanted to prove she could do it on her own, and she wanted you to be proud of her.

How many times she put you first and herself last because that’s what mommas do.

Or how hard she loved you and to her those sacrifices were worth it all. Because seeing you smile meant more than her own.

Go tell her thank you.

-Jamie Lea

Busted Knuckles and Bills

Over the last 3 years I have learned I can not depend on anyone but myself…

As young girls we are taught how to keep a home, how to cook, how to clean, how to raise children, but no one ever teaches you how to find a place to live after a divorce.  When you have $20 to your name, no job, and very few belongings. No one prepares you for how insanely hard college is going to be with two babies. No one tells you how many hoops you have to jump through to buy your first car on your own. When you have spent your life relying on someone else’s credit. No one warns you about the struggle to survive, pay bills, and keep food on the table when you find your first minimum wage job. No one can put into words how exhausted you will be after working 14 hours, staying up taking care of a sick baby, and then making sure your other baby’s homework is done, they get to sports, and lunches are packed.

Finally, no one teaches you how to pull a freaking wiper motor out of your car and how bad your damn knuckles are gonna hurt after you bust them 52x,  but guess what…

I promise you can make it all happen. It’s not always going to be easy. Some days you will want to throw in the towel, but one day you will wake up and say holy shit, ” look how far I have came “, or ” holy shit I just took my car apart and pulled out a wiper motor all by myself “, either or.

My point is, don’t depend on anyone, make things happen for yourself. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. You got this I promise.

Stay tuned for my next trick. Changing a light bulb in my kitchen.

-Jamie Lea